When we embrace
the challenge,
the possibilities
are endless

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Success is not final
failure is not fatal:
it is the courage to
continue that counts.

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Plans are only good
intentions unless they
immediately degenerate
into hard work.

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Coaching Group LLC

At UCANDOIT our coaching philosophy is to help you get the most out of your available training time. We believe that every workout counts and that your time is precious. Our coaches combine the most current research and triathlon training techniques with proven race strategies to help our athletes reach their goals.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced triathlete, UCANDOIT Coaching can help you with sound training plans that fit in with your life and your current physical fitness. If you are a beginner and you want to shorten the learning curve of triathlon, UCANDOIT will be there to help you every step of the way.

Not only will we get you to the starting line loving the sport, we will find the athlete in you. If you are an experienced athlete and you take training and competition as seriously as we do, our personalized services will assist you in reaching your full potential.

Marathon/70.3 Pacing – Very Similiar

Scenerio - Athlete A is going to be doing a marathon, we have no idea as to how the real conditions are going to be on race day, but we do know the course details. Athlete A has been pacing himself in training for an 8' mile marathon. This is a 'TARGET' pace. Which means chances are it's a moving 'TARGET' on race day depending on various factors. Athlete B is doing a 70.3 race. Again, we have no idea...


Swim Bands….Not Just Another Swim Toy

Swim Bands – Why do coaches incorporate them into your workouts?  Do they love to see your ankles bleed?  The leg hair ripped out, the scars, and the mental torture? Short answer is no, we aren’t into torture (or we […]


Every Second Counts

In a Sprint or International Triathlon, every second counts. .  Just like in the world of swimming where gold medals are won or lost, every 1/10th of a second counts more than you realize in the world of triathlon. It […]


Vitamin R

After a couple hard weeks of training, I’m all about taking some extra Vitamin ‘R’, as in RECOVERY!  Without this essential vitamin, chances are I would get sick, injured, or even worse…..slower. Too many athletes push their bodies day in […]


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Better late then never! So not all of Debi's minions are elite racers and triathletes, she is equally as helpful to those of us weekend warriors/little kid mommas/full time working women who have only in my 30s picked up running as a mental, emotional, and physical enhancement to my life.

I am not fast, I have never been fast. I am not super strong, every run feels like effort. I am consistently an 11-12 minute mile runner. But I enjoy it, and while I would love to put in some respectable times, it does not consume me or stop me from carrying on with what I do.... which is 11-12 minute miles.

This March I did the Palmetto 200 as an ultra relay team which meant I have five separate runs over 33 hours which added up to about 33.7 miles for me. This would be by far my biggest running challenge and both Debi and my teammates (who have run with me for YEARS) calculated for this distance and these less than ideal circumstances I should run in the 13s. Fine. I thought I could possibly get into the low 12s.

I followed Debi's plan for me, though I was not good about doing any heart rate monitoring, and I changed my diet to include some amazing protein shakes and intermittent fasting. I felt ready and I felt great. Over all 33.7 miles I averaged 10:37! That is what I call respectable. Its not elite but considering where I started and what I was shooting for I will take it! I shaved off over an hour from our projected team time just on my runs alone.

If anyone ever wants to do a road relay, I'm in. Its fun, its a break from the individual grind of competition. Lets do it!
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  • June Races
  • Rock Hall International
    Chris Vaughan 3rd AG (30" PR)
    Elizabeth Carroll 2nd in AG
  • Conquer the Cove 25k
    Kate Moga 2nd AG and PR
  • Raleigh 70.3
    Steven Albert PR (6:55)
    Rose Hall Hoyle at 6:25
  • Buffalo Oly Tri
    Veronica Bondi 1st in AG
  • DK 100 Miler
    Drew Holton 1st Male overall
  • Naylors Beach Sprint
    Nick Husson (1:11) 3rd overall
    Sierra Huber(1:30) 1st AG
  • Victoria 70.3
    Drew Holton in 4:50 for 14th ag
  • Boulder 70.3
    Abby Sanford in 5:26 (PR) and 9th AG
  • Eagleman 70.3
    Brielle Lizmi, 5:14 and 9th AG
    Donna German 6:47
    Christopher Stock , 4:18, 1st Amateur!!
    Liz Schieber, 5:55
    Debi Weber Bernardes, 6:23
  • Jamestown Oly
    Brian Quintana, 2nd AG and 2:18
  • Sprint Tri in NC
    Rose Hoyle in 1:27
    Andrew McKechnie in 5:56
  • Pride 5k
    Sharon Jessup 30" PR
  • 2k Lake Anna Swim
    Ciara Graves 1st AG!