When we embrace
the challenge,
the possibilities
are endless

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Success is not final
failure is not fatal:
it is the courage to
continue that counts.

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Plans are only good
intentions unless they
immediately degenerate
into hard work.

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Coaching Group LLC

At UCANDOIT our coaching philosophy is to help you get the most out of your available training time. We believe that every workout counts and that your time is precious. Our coaches combine the most current research and triathlon training techniques with proven race strategies to help our athletes reach their goals.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced triathlete, UCANDOIT Coaching can help you with sound training plans that fit in with your life and your current physical fitness. If you are a beginner and you want to shorten the learning curve of triathlon, UCANDOIT will be there to help you every step of the way.

Not only will we get you to the starting line loving the sport, we will find the athlete in you. If you are an experienced athlete and you take training and competition as seriously as we do, our personalized services will assist you in reaching your full potential.

2017 Endurance Coaching Summit Notes

In other words - what I learned at summer camp!  On August 5 & 6 I attended the Training Peaks Endurance Coaching Summit in Boulder, CO.  Here are the key takeaways from the speakers who presented at this summit. Keynote Speaker:  Dave Scott His perspective on coaching, training, and racing:  We rely too much on technology, and not enough on feel.  Especially at races.  There is a time and a place for it, but when racing you have to be...


Doing it Wrong to Feel What’s Right

A few  month’s ago I was reading a book by Anat Baniel (“Move into Life”), and she wrote something that resonated with me:  You sometimes need to do something wrong before you know when it’s right.  After reading this I […]


Stress + Rest = Growth

It’s really easy for us to understand how important it is to work hard to achieve our goals, whether it’s for sport or work.  We seem to understand that it’s ok to kick back from work at times so that […]


Time on the Legs

During these dog days of summer it is important that you remember that whenever you run or ride outside, that it’s all about the time on the legs, and keeping the heart rate under control. It’s not about the speed. […]


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You so want to attend this year! Not only a great training destination, it's also a great chance to fine tune skills and learn new things! ... See MoreSee Less

June 21, 2018, 6:00pm - June 24, 2018, 12:00pm

We will have stroke efficiency swim instruction each day at an indoor pool, guided rides through PA farm country (at various distances), run clinics, strength training, free onsite massages (excl. gra...

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JFK 50 miler - Jeffrey Boehmer completes course 12:16

Queens Half Marathon - Mark Kaufman - 5th AG in 1:40:14

Backyard Burn Trail Races: Lauren Lipsey for the 10miler - 1st Overall in 1:13, and Alejandro Escobar at the 5 miler in 39:14 good enough for 5th AG.

Jimmy Sosinski: local Turkey Trot 5k in 17:31 good enough for a win overall, and 2nd overall at the Cat 4 Cyclocross race.

Richmond Marathon

Jolene Catania - 3:34 (14min Pr) and BQ

Steve Berra - 3:55 (10’ PR from last Marathon)

Mira Panek - 3'57 10 min PR!

Richmond half - Emily Carr 2'13

Jack Hyland - 4: something - first marathon in years!!!!!

Richmond 8k - Terese Berra in 49 minutes!

Wilson Bridge Half Marathon - Sharon Jessup Pr! 1:56, Anna Necheles 12 min PR!

Miami Man Aqua Velo - Liz Carroll 4:14 - 8th Place, good enough to secure a spot at World Championships next year!

Tom Cook - Ainsley’s Spooky Belated 5k - 20:12 - 2nd Overall and PR!

Florida Extreme Triathlon - 3 days in a row of long course racing. 3rd OA!

For all of you doing your Turkey Trot’s this week - Good luck, and make sure to send us your times!
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  • June Races
  • Rock Hall International
    Chris Vaughan 3rd AG (30" PR)
    Elizabeth Carroll 2nd in AG
  • Conquer the Cove 25k
    Kate Moga 2nd AG and PR
  • Raleigh 70.3
    Steven Albert PR (6:55)
    Rose Hall Hoyle at 6:25
  • Buffalo Oly Tri
    Veronica Bondi 1st in AG
  • DK 100 Miler
    Drew Holton 1st Male overall
  • Naylors Beach Sprint
    Nick Husson (1:11) 3rd overall
    Sierra Huber(1:30) 1st AG
  • Victoria 70.3
    Drew Holton in 4:50 for 14th ag
  • Boulder 70.3
    Abby Sanford in 5:26 (PR) and 9th AG
  • Eagleman 70.3
    Brielle Lizmi, 5:14 and 9th AG
    Donna German 6:47
    Christopher Stock , 4:18, 1st Amateur!!
    Liz Schieber, 5:55
    Debi Weber Bernardes, 6:23
  • Jamestown Oly
    Brian Quintana, 2nd AG and 2:18
  • Sprint Tri in NC
    Rose Hoyle in 1:27
    Andrew McKechnie in 5:56
  • Pride 5k
    Sharon Jessup 30" PR
  • 2k Lake Anna Swim
    Ciara Graves 1st AG!