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Debi Bernardes, Head Coach, Owner and Founder

USAT Level II Certified Coach, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Debi has had an extensive background in the sport of not only triathlon, but also in running and swimming. With over 30 years of coaching experience, and race experience, she can help you navigate you through your first sprint triathlon to an Ironman. Her extensive knowledge in the sport can help you show up to the starting line feeling not only ready, but confident that you will have the race of your life.

B.S. Physical Education, Drake University, 1980.

Coaching experience: Two high school cross country and track teams, several years as a USS Age Group Coach/Head Coach, several years of Head Coaching summer league swimmers, Head Coach currently with King George High School Swim Team since 2007, and Head Coach for Fredericksburg Triathlon Club.

Focus: Beginner to Ironman Athlete

Rob Falk Rob Falk, Assistant Coach

USAT Level I Coach

Rob Falk has been a multi-sport athlete for over 16 years. He is a certified USAT Level 1 Coach, Road Runner Clubs of America certified running coach. He also teaches indoor cycling, boot camp and TRX training. Rob has successfully coached middle of the pack athletes to podium finishes. As general counsel for a national non-profit, he understands the challenges of balancing work, training and home. He works with his client to tailor training to their scheduling limitations.

Sierra Huber

USAT Level 1 and ASCA Level 1

Sierra Huber has been coaching in the educational field for over 10 years. She is a certified USAT Level 1 and ASCA Level 1 coach, and continues to train extensively as both a coach and an athlete.

Sierra has worked with Age Group to Elite triathletes, in addition to beginner athletes and military personnel looking to pass rigorous tests. Her personal experience and proficiency as a dedicated swimmer has allowed her to help other athletes conquer one of the most dreaded parts of military and triathlon training. She has coached all skill levels of athletes and all race distances. When working with athletes, Sierra excels at analyzing their form for running and swimming and knows how to pull out the best in them.

By appointment, you can contact Sierra for private swim instructions and underwater swim analysis at CoachSierra14@gmail.com

Focus: Beginner to Ironman Athlete

From the inspiration and motivation that has been given to her by other coaches and teammates of the UCANDOIT triathlon team, her goal is to share what she has learned and teach that triathlon is not just about finishing the race. It’s about what you learn along the way!

A motto that keeps her moving: “Nothing Good is Easy”

Tim Young
Tim Young has been a running for over 18 years. He has competed in distances from the mile to the marathon.

In those 18 years he has acquired the knowledge of how to achieve your goals and attain a personal best in any distances from the mile to the marathon. He has gathered this knowledge from his years as a high school, collegiate and professional runner. Tim also has a B.S. Kinesiology from James Madison University.

He knows how to get you to the starting line healthy and fit and ready to perform your best!

Tim is a two-time Olympic Trials marathon qualifier where he placed 11th at the 2016 Olympic Trials. He has competed in many major city marathons, including Richmond and Chicago. In 2015 he was selected as one of two American marathoners to represent the United States at the Pan American Games in Toronto, where he placed 6th overall.
He looks forward to working with runners of all abilities and to help them meet their personal goals in this sport.

Jemila Najjar-Keith

USAT Level I coach

Jemila has been involved with sports and swimming before she could even walk. She was a four year varsity soccer goalkeeper in college and decided after she graduated that she wanted to give triathlons a go. When she crossed the line of her first Olympic triathlon she knew that she wanted more! Since 2009 Jemila has completed three Ironman’s, five Half Ironman’s, and well over 10 Olympic and Sprint distances. She has also completed over four half marathons and one full marathon (outside of the Ironman’s). Jemila believes that we all have the ability to be the best version of ourselves each and everyday.

As a special education teacher she constantly sees children who need extra help and reinforcement. She uses her athletic abilities to motivate, encourage and boost their confidence each and everyday. Over the past year Jemila has faced a serious of medical obstacles that have side-lined her from racing. Through positive energy, challenging herself to stay active with other endeavors and sending out positive vibes to the universe Jemila she is planning to be back in race mode come June 2017.

While her background is in swimming and specializes in direct swim instruction and guidance, she has molded herself into a multi-sport athlete and coach. She was certified in 2013 to be a USAT Level I coach. She works well with her athletes and ensures that they have goals in mind, their training schedule fits their life schedule and they communicate when they are confused or need that little extra encouragement.

“How you run the race-your planning, preparation, practice, and performance-counts for everything. Winning or losing is a by-product, and aftereffect, of that effort.”

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Better late then never! So not all of Debi's minions are elite racers and triathletes, she is equally as helpful to those of us weekend warriors/little kid mommas/full time working women who have only in my 30s picked up running as a mental, emotional, and physical enhancement to my life.

I am not fast, I have never been fast. I am not super strong, every run feels like effort. I am consistently an 11-12 minute mile runner. But I enjoy it, and while I would love to put in some respectable times, it does not consume me or stop me from carrying on with what I do.... which is 11-12 minute miles.

This March I did the Palmetto 200 as an ultra relay team which meant I have five separate runs over 33 hours which added up to about 33.7 miles for me. This would be by far my biggest running challenge and both Debi and my teammates (who have run with me for YEARS) calculated for this distance and these less than ideal circumstances I should run in the 13s. Fine. I thought I could possibly get into the low 12s.

I followed Debi's plan for me, though I was not good about doing any heart rate monitoring, and I changed my diet to include some amazing protein shakes and intermittent fasting. I felt ready and I felt great. Over all 33.7 miles I averaged 10:37! That is what I call respectable. Its not elite but considering where I started and what I was shooting for I will take it! I shaved off over an hour from our projected team time just on my runs alone.

If anyone ever wants to do a road relay, I'm in. Its fun, its a break from the individual grind of competition. Lets do it!
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  • June Races
  • Rock Hall International
    Chris Vaughan 3rd AG (30" PR)
    Elizabeth Carroll 2nd in AG
  • Conquer the Cove 25k
    Kate Moga 2nd AG and PR
  • Raleigh 70.3
    Steven Albert PR (6:55)
    Rose Hall Hoyle at 6:25
  • Buffalo Oly Tri
    Veronica Bondi 1st in AG
  • DK 100 Miler
    Drew Holton 1st Male overall
  • Naylors Beach Sprint
    Nick Husson (1:11) 3rd overall
    Sierra Huber(1:30) 1st AG
  • Victoria 70.3
    Drew Holton in 4:50 for 14th ag
  • Boulder 70.3
    Abby Sanford in 5:26 (PR) and 9th AG
  • Eagleman 70.3
    Brielle Lizmi, 5:14 and 9th AG
    Donna German 6:47
    Christopher Stock , 4:18, 1st Amateur!!
    Liz Schieber, 5:55
    Debi Weber Bernardes, 6:23
  • Jamestown Oly
    Brian Quintana, 2nd AG and 2:18
  • Sprint Tri in NC
    Rose Hoyle in 1:27
    Andrew McKechnie in 5:56
  • Pride 5k
    Sharon Jessup 30" PR
  • 2k Lake Anna Swim
    Ciara Graves 1st AG!