Sierra Huber Pricing

One on One Personalized Training:

$150 for 4 week blocks

Sierra does not provide pre made plans – all training is specific to the athlete’s needs and personalized.

Individual Sessions:

$40 – Swim/Run Sessions per hour, monthly clients get 50% off one on one swim/run sessions.


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Make it amazing this weekend!

Leslie Holton - 2.4 mile open water swim

Christopher Stock - Idaho 70.3

Abby Sanford - Boulder Sunrise Olympic
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#throwback from last weekend!

Last weekend was another great one for Team Orange!

Steve Berra - 53:48 - 5th OA and PR on this course

Drew Holton - Xterra Lory - 1st AG

Grandmas 1/2 Marathon - CCharles Vonn in 2:06

St.Mary’s Oly

Sierra J. Huber - 5th AG (1st OA in the swim!) and HUGE PR in 3:05!

Elizabeth Carroll - 1st AG in 3:08

St.Marys Sprint

Cathy King Friedel - 2nd OA

Debi Weber Bernardes - 5th OA/1st Master

Donna German- 2nd AG

Kristin Olson Swift - 3rd AG
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  • June Races
  • Rock Hall International
    Chris Vaughan 3rd AG (30" PR)
    Elizabeth Carroll 2nd in AG
  • Conquer the Cove 25k
    Kate Moga 2nd AG and PR
  • Raleigh 70.3
    Steven Albert PR (6:55)
    Rose Hall Hoyle at 6:25
  • Buffalo Oly Tri
    Veronica Bondi 1st in AG
  • DK 100 Miler
    Drew Holton 1st Male overall
  • Naylors Beach Sprint
    Nick Husson (1:11) 3rd overall
    Sierra Huber(1:30) 1st AG
  • Victoria 70.3
    Drew Holton in 4:50 for 14th ag
  • Boulder 70.3
    Abby Sanford in 5:26 (PR) and 9th AG
  • Eagleman 70.3
    Brielle Lizmi, 5:14 and 9th AG
    Donna German 6:47
    Christopher Stock , 4:18, 1st Amateur!!
    Liz Schieber, 5:55
    Debi Weber Bernardes, 6:23
  • Jamestown Oly
    Brian Quintana, 2nd AG and 2:18
  • Sprint Tri in NC
    Rose Hoyle in 1:27
    Andrew McKechnie in 5:56
  • Pride 5k
    Sharon Jessup 30" PR
  • 2k Lake Anna Swim
    Ciara Graves 1st AG!