Two Options for Coaching:

One-on-One Training: Coach develops seasonal plan, provides online and in person support (when possible), monitors all data and makes sure that your schedule is flexible with your lifestyle and time commitments. This type of plan is great for the athlete who has work demands (and family) that are not easy to work around, and who needs the feedback of a coach to keep the accountable. Prices for this coaching are reflective of the coaches experience.

Customized Training Plans: The coach develops a training plan (12-16-20 weeks) that is specifically created for the athlete, their time capabilities (and current abilities). This type of plan is one where the athlete does not need monitoring, but likes the idea of having a coach on hand to answer any and all questions regarding training and workouts.

Individual Coaching Sessions:

Contact Coach for sport specific sessions

  • Run Analysis
  • Heart Rate Analysis
  • Private or Group Swim Sessions

*See About Us and click on a coach’s name for pricing and services

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Gooooood luck!

Anna Necheles and Sharon Jessup, doing the Wilson Bridge Half Marathon

Drew Holton - Florida Extreme (a 3 day triathlon)

Emily Carr, Steve Berra, Jolene Catania, and Jack Hyland - Richmond Marathon

Teresa Berra - Richmond 8k

Liz Carroll - MiamiMan Aqua Velo Half

Tom Cook - Ainsleys Angels 5k

Mark Kaufman - Terry Ryan Memorial 10k

Margaret Krick - Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon

Kick ass and have fun everyone!
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Congrats Jimmy Sosinski!!!

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  • June Races
  • Rock Hall International
    Chris Vaughan 3rd AG (30" PR)
    Elizabeth Carroll 2nd in AG
  • Conquer the Cove 25k
    Kate Moga 2nd AG and PR
  • Raleigh 70.3
    Steven Albert PR (6:55)
    Rose Hall Hoyle at 6:25
  • Buffalo Oly Tri
    Veronica Bondi 1st in AG
  • DK 100 Miler
    Drew Holton 1st Male overall
  • Naylors Beach Sprint
    Nick Husson (1:11) 3rd overall
    Sierra Huber(1:30) 1st AG
  • Victoria 70.3
    Drew Holton in 4:50 for 14th ag
  • Boulder 70.3
    Abby Sanford in 5:26 (PR) and 9th AG
  • Eagleman 70.3
    Brielle Lizmi, 5:14 and 9th AG
    Donna German 6:47
    Christopher Stock , 4:18, 1st Amateur!!
    Liz Schieber, 5:55
    Debi Weber Bernardes, 6:23
  • Jamestown Oly
    Brian Quintana, 2nd AG and 2:18
  • Sprint Tri in NC
    Rose Hoyle in 1:27
    Andrew McKechnie in 5:56
  • Pride 5k
    Sharon Jessup 30" PR
  • 2k Lake Anna Swim
    Ciara Graves 1st AG!