Two Options for Coaching:

One-on-One Training: Coach develops seasonal plan, provides online and in person support (when possible), monitors all data and makes sure that your schedule is flexible with your lifestyle and time commitments. This type of plan is great for the athlete who has work demands (and family) that are not easy to work around, and who needs the feedback of a coach to keep the accountable. Prices for this coaching are reflective of the coaches experience.

Customized Training Plans: The coach develops a training plan (12-16-20 weeks) that is specifically created for the athlete, their time capabilities (and current abilities). This type of plan is one where the athlete does not need monitoring, but likes the idea of having a coach on hand to answer any and all questions regarding training and workouts.

Individual Coaching Sessions:

Contact Coach for sport specific sessions

  • Run Analysis
  • Heart Rate Analysis
  • Private or Group Swim Sessions

*See About Us and click on a coach’s name for pricing and services

BE-Activated/Reflexive Performance Reset Sessions

What is it? A series of activation points that reflect the neurolymphatic system that

in turn help the kinetic chain function at a better level. Everything in your body

has a purpose and is designed to work as a unit. When a part of the body is

not allowing the energy to flow through as well (think of it as a dimmer switch)

then your extremities will take over and do the extra work required of them. As

time goes on, the compensation will break down and injuries start to build.

What will it do for me? Everyone is different, but for most athletes you will find

greater range of motion, increased power application, strength, stability, and

better breathing mechanics. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

When do I do it? Before every workout for sure. It can also be used during

workouts (specific points that are athlete specific/workout specific) and for

post workout/competition to help with recovery

1 hour session is $75.00

30′ short reset session is $40.00

Session Length


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Congrats to the following:
Boston Marathon - Jimmy Sosinski 2:46 (3 min PR), and Christoffer Johnston in 3:02 - driving rain, perfect weather for the TRUE GRIT to come out!

Nick Husson 1st Overall at Ingelside 5k, and Tom Cook 1st Age Group.
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Alejandro Escobar at IM Florida 70.3 in 5:07!

J Brians 15k - Donny Self in 1:11, Steve Berra in 1:17, Teresa Berra in 1:41

Fools Five Miler - Veronica Bond, 1st AG in 37:29

USAT Nationals (both Sprint and Olympic) for Duathlon - Drew Holton 13th in AG for Sprint, and 19th for the Olympic

Cherry Blossom 10 miler - Cathy Friedel in 1:20

Everyone descended this weekend and were solid overall.

“When your hands are frozen off the bike, run with your helmet on” - Drew

“Feeling optimistic for the Half!” - Steve
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  • 2018 Results
  • Sprint Triathlon
    Jason Taylor in 1:12 and change
  • Knights of Colomus 5k
    Nick Husson 1st OA!!
    Steve Berra 2nd AG!!
  • 10 Miler
    Christoffer Johnston in 1:02.26