Swim Bands….Not Just Another Swim Toy

Swim Bands….Not Just Another Swim Toy

Swim Bands – Why do coaches incorporate them into your workouts?  Do they love to see your ankles bleed?  The leg hair ripped out, the scars, and the mental torture?

Short answer is no, we aren’t into torture (or we won’t readily admit it), but we are into helping our athletes become stronger and faster swimmers.

How do swim bands help our swimmers?

One of the first things to notice is that the bands will quickly show the athlete how their kick is destabilizing their trunk, or somewhere above the hips they are causing their legs to move in directions that are not conducive to swimming in a linear fashion with minimal deviation.  The athlete needs to be aware of where their head is turning while breathing, the timing of their stroke, and whether or not their kick is being used as a stabilizing reaction versus a propulsion force.

Bands will also help the athlete build strength, and with bands taking the legs out of the equation it helps to increase stroke turnover.  Band swimming is similar to a runner running up a hill.  Where the body position improves (chest and head will automatically balance the swimmer to get the legs up), and the more strokes you take to keep legs up and your body moving forward increases strength.  The increased stroke rate helps the swimmer to become more aggressive in their races as well.

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Congrats to the following:
Boston Marathon - Jimmy Sosinski 2:46 (3 min PR), and Christoffer Johnston in 3:02 - driving rain, perfect weather for the TRUE GRIT to come out!

Nick Husson 1st Overall at Ingelside 5k, and Tom Cook 1st Age Group.
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Alejandro Escobar at IM Florida 70.3 in 5:07!

J Brians 15k - Donny Self in 1:11, Steve Berra in 1:17, Teresa Berra in 1:41

Fools Five Miler - Veronica Bond, 1st AG in 37:29

USAT Nationals (both Sprint and Olympic) for Duathlon - Drew Holton 13th in AG for Sprint, and 19th for the Olympic

Cherry Blossom 10 miler - Cathy Friedel in 1:20

Everyone descended this weekend and were solid overall.

“When your hands are frozen off the bike, run with your helmet on” - Drew

“Feeling optimistic for the Half!” - Steve
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  • 2018 Results
  • Sprint Triathlon
    Jason Taylor in 1:12 and change
  • Knights of Colomus 5k
    Nick Husson 1st OA!!
    Steve Berra 2nd AG!!
  • 10 Miler
    Christoffer Johnston in 1:02.26